Water Lily Garden

Latour-Marliac in Le Temple-sur-Lot is a 50 min drive from Le Seguinet through some very pretty countryside. You can discover more than 250 species water lilies set in 2,5 hectares of landscaped gardens. There is also a museum, an exotic greenhouse, a Japanese Bridge over the pond, a restaurant, a nursery.and much more.

Visit the water lily gardens when the lilies are in season and they are stunning. . If you have seen Monet’s water lily painting in Paris and his garden in Giverny, then you will enjoy learning that this was where Monet bought the water lilies for his garden.

Enjoy lunch outside on the terrace above the pond. The food is good and reasonably priced. Entrance fee is €7 and €5 is refunded if you dine there.

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